Simone Biles featuring her new Range Rover, valued at $46,400 and affectionately named her luxurious convertible ‘Tiff’

Simone Biles, recognized as one of the greatest female gymnasts in history, has achieved remarkable success at the age of 25. Despite a challenging childhood marked by her birth parents’ struggles with alcoholism, Biles has persevered to live her dream life.


In March 2021, Biles delighted her followers by showcasing her latest possession on Instagram. The gymnastics icon shared a collage featuring her new blue Range Rover Evoque, valued at $46,400. Adding a personal touch, Biles affectionately named her luxurious convertible “Tiff.”

Expressing her love for the convertible, Biles recommended the experience of owning a convertible to her followers. In a separate photo with “Tiff,” she wrote, “12/10 recommend having a convertible.” Fans joined in expressing their excitement and admiration for Biles’ latest acquisition in the comments.

Simone Biles, a millionaire with a net worth of $16 million, has built a life of luxury for herself. Alongside her impressive gymnastics career, she owns a lavish house in Houston, complete with a large swimming pool, exquisite furniture, and French bulldogs.

Despite her substantial wealth, Biles is cautious about spending money and harbors a feаr of going broke. In an interview, she revealed her frugal approach, stating, “I have a feаr of going broke…sometimes I go on days to see if I can’t spend any money, and then of course my gas light comes on so I have to go get gas.” Biles also disclosed that she minimizes credit card usage and occasionally challenges herself to go without spending any money for days.

Simone Biles’ achievements and financial prudence reflect her disciplined approach to both her athletic and personal life, making her a role model beyond the world of gymnastics.